Born & Bred Deep in the Heart...

We love food. But we especially love good 'ole Central Texas Barbecue. Our style is very traditional, rooted in the German and Czech traditions of using nothing but salt, pepper, and clean oakwood smoke to flavor only the best quality meats available to us . All of our meats are smoked in our wood-burning pit for hours; We do it the real Texas way--no cutting corners, no shortcuts. The simplicity and authenticity of our cooking method is what separates our barbecue from anything you can find in Southern California, and you will taste the difference.

"TExas Barbecue is a tradition, not a trend."

  • All of our pork & chicken is all-natural and locally sourced.

  • Our sausage is handmade from our own beef and pork trimmings, using all-natural casings.

  • ALL of our meat rubs are gluten free. None of the meat we use is treated with hormones.

  • Some of our meats may take up to 16 hours to cook. But trust us, it is always worth the wait.

  • Our menu may vary depending on the nature of private or public events.

See our Catering Menu HERE.

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