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"I have eaten Texas style BBQ at some of the legendary spots such as Louie Mueller Barbeque, and Black's Barbeque. I'm someone who cares deeply about tradition, and Helberg Barbecue does Central Texas BBQ the way it was supposed to be made but is still able to try new things in a way that doesn't come off as disrespectful to the tradition of old school Texas BBQ. The pesto stuffed turkey, watermelon feta salad, loaded potato salad, and street corn salad were the unique items that stuck out to me. The brisket which is of course Texas BBQ's claim to fame is also top notch, both the lean and the fatty have great flavor, and are not dry. The brisket doesn't even need sauce, seasoned the Central Texas way with just salt and pepper (as far as I can tell) I've been here twice and actually haven't had to ask for sauce which is a good sign of great brisket, next time I will try their sauce just to see how it is. Their pickles are homemade and are some of the best I've ever had at a BBQ joint, even some of the best places in Texas seem to just use store bought pickles so this was a big plus in my opinion. I'm sure I'll be back, the BBQ scene in Waco is growing by leaps and bounds and I look forward to seeing Helberg Barbecue develop and maybe get a storefront location one day. The couple that runs the place are also very nice. I'd encourage anyone living in Waco or passing through to check them out."  - Customer on Yelp

"Surprised my wife with date night, & Helberg BBQ was there to ofger foid for dinner. Brisket was good, their special pulled pork as a very unique taste which was relky good, i liked their mac & cheese, and tried their sweet corn salad(something i would usally never do) but people it was great, and my wife loved the watermelon salad they had to offer. Oh also OMG their pickles were fresh and awesome i had to buy extra.. Really loved my experience with this food truck...." - Customer on Yelp

"I've only tried the brisket and sausage, both are amazing!  Fast and friendly service too!  The brisket is very flavorful and tender. If you haven't been you need to check it out!!!" - Customer on Yelp

"I got the lean brisket plate, potato salad and beans. The lunch and service was absolutely amazing. I will definitely return!!!" -Customer on Google

"Just incredible. Possibly best lean brisket and pulled pork in Waco. Definitely best potato salad." - Customer on Google

"At 1 Million Cups at Waco Hippodrome and they have samples of the barbacoa and cheese kolache. It was melt in my mouth delicious!! I will 10/10 be going to the truck for lunch!" - Facebook

"Wow. Simply wow. Had them cater our staff Thanksgiving and the smoked turkey was simply amazing. Super Moist and full of flavor, it would be disrespectful to even think about placing gravy on it. We also ordered the ribs and simply the best I have ever had. Thank you so much Phillip and Yvette, the love and efforts that you place into your food comes out full of flavor and leaves everyone happy!" - Facebook

"I first saw these guys at an RSM concert. I heard they were great, but they were sold out. I finally got to try it this weekend and it was fantastic! Yvette and Phillip are extremely friendly and their BBQ is some of the best that I have ever had. We tried just about everything on the menu, and had a hard time deciding what we liked best. We will definitely be repeat customers." - Facebook